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At the heart of our menu is a love of food and wine, the combining of flavors to bring a boldness and excitement to our guests. Our chef takes extreme pride in selecting amazing ingredients to create the best dishes, then pairing each with the most exceptional wines, to excite the palate. Having lived and traveled around the globe, you will find a unique fusion of Caribbean, French, and Creole flavors imparted, by our chef, in the dishes we offer.

Entrée Flights

Our entrée flights pair three carefully selected menu options together to create one single unique dining experience. Each flight has undergone multiple tastings for the best dish selection, and wine flight pairing, to create a delight for the customer that won’t be experienced any place else.

Wine Selection

Extremely careful wine selection is what best rounds out our perfect dining experience. To finalize the wine list, we have visited over one hundred wineries, tasted over two hundred wines in house, and every wine offered has been tested with our food pairings no less than three times by a panel of consumers and wine connoisseurs. Simply put, if the wine is not the best, it’s not on the menu.


Menu items and prices subject to change based on market conditions & availability. 

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